My husband Peter and I have been actively supporting the neighborhood project of the “Badischer Landesverein für Innere Mission” in Karlsruhe since 2017. In 2018, the project even won the special prize “NEO Innovation Award of the TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe”. won I organized a sewing group there for a long time and Peter runs the IT café. Time and again, he would come home after the IT Café and talk about the visitors who had similar problems in the digital world over and over again. The Internet on the cell phone “disappears”, how to watch movies on the tablet and during the Corona beginnings, of course, it was increasingly about video call platforms.

Peter quickly realized that visitors often lack basic knowledge. So he started to teach them this knowledge so that in the future they would come up with the solution to their problems themselves. He gave them mental models that they could apply to many of their problems. With the help of a mental model, a process can be mapped in a simplified way in the memory. It is a kind of visualization method, but it takes place purely in the mind.

In our everyday life, we often observe that it is not due to age if digital contexts are difficult to understand. Just a few weeks ago, a

Report of the EU Commission

which shows that almost 50% of the population in Germany has no basic digital skills.

Therefore, together with our friend Roland, we decided to found an association to teach people basic digital skills using appropriate methods. Roland is the perfect complement, as he has already spent many years researching and teaching at university in the area of web application security, where he has also been able to pass on his knowledge.

We have our first founding meeting behind us. Now it’s time to let our association edudea grow so that Germany no longer lands in 13th place among the 27 EU countries in the next index for digital economy and society.


Challenge accepted! 😉