Here you will find a brief explanation of a few topics worth knowing:

Mental Models

Mental models help us not to have to evaluate or even learn every piece of information anew. Sie represent abstractions of the real world, depending on the degree of abstraction, different detailed models can be created. Certain patterns and processes appear again and again in different contexts, a good mental model helps to recognize them and thus to understand them.
With the right tools, information can be processed better because a suitable mental model is already anchored in my knowledge base. Mental models are also characterized by the fact that they become more and more complex in our thoughts due to new information, and thus an increasingly accurate picture is created over time. We therefore want to establish mental models as the basis for learning methods.

What are digital media, anyway?

Digital media or often also called “new media” are information carriers based on digital information and communication technology (ICT). Digital media is now understood to mean many things, but mainly electronic devices. These devices, such as a computer, tablet or cell phone can display digital content that is digitally encoded. You can find out more about this at ProDiMeA.
In general, digital media today is understood to mean the Internet or a digital terminal.

Microlearning or microlearning

Packing knowledge into small learning units or morsels is called microlearning. I take a topic and divide the content into small units of about 10 minutes. This content can be conveyed quickly, diversely and successfully.

Microlearning becomes particularly attractive when it is integrated into the presentation style, for example. Again, you can divide the knowledge you want to impart into small units. It becomes exciting when the knowledge part is combined with a subsequent 10-minute practical part and then a similar long discussion round is held with the audience. Of course, you can repeat this as often as you like.

Microlearning can be perfectly integrated into everyday life and can be used in many ways.