We are looking for you! If you’ve landed here, you’ve come to the right place. Spread the word and become a member of edudea.

Everybody is welcome and with a contribution of 5 Euro per year you can support our work. If you are able to pay a higher fee, you will support our efforts in the area of digital media literacy even more.


Donations go directly, for example, into hardware for school AGs/hackathons/workshops, catering for helpers, our servers.

Donation account

IBAN : DE17 4306 0967 1299 3353 00
GLS Bank

Data protection notice: The donation form is offered by GLS Bank and Twingle as IT service provider. The data entered here will be processed accordingly by both and the donation will be forwarded to us.

Fees: We receive between 95 and 97.5% of the donation and only a small fraction pays for the service. The service takes some organizational work off our hands and is preferable to direct donations if a receipt is needed.