Have you ever had your smartphone in your hand in the toilet? Watch a movie in the evening or scroll through the timeline? Social media and digital devices are ubiquitous, and that’s neither good nor bad, per se. Are we “maxed out online”? That is the motto of Safer Internet Day 2023.

#OnlineAmLimit – your net. your life. your limits.

From our point of view, self-determined use of the Net must start early, or be learned early. Everyone must be sufficiently fit to use digital media to know their limits.

What’s your situation? Klicksafe’s“Digital Detox Box” encourages you to analyze your online usage behavior, for example. How much time do I spend online and is it doing me any good? Why don’t you give it a try?

Even if Digital Detox sounds a bit hackneyed in my opinion, it’s worth taking stock. Being online is normal for us and part of life. But it should also do us good. If you need help, feel free to contact us!

As edudea, we advocate for you to be self-determined online. On March 11, for example, we’ll be hosting Linux Discovery Day – where you can connect with our Linux experts and make the switch to Linux. True to the motto of self-determination.