The blind cow on the Internet AG

The digital literacy working group at the Wasserturm elementary school in Karlsruhe.

For whom?

We welcome anyone who enjoys playing with and learning about laptops and tablets. You can have a say in what we do in the AG and bring in your interests. Do you want to program a website, tell a story on the computer, or program a game? It’s not that hard – we’ll show you how. For this to work, however, you should be able to read with confidence, which is why we offer the AG for the 3. and 4th graders on.


In addition to the projects that you can help create, we want to learn with you about how to use the tablets and laptops. Have you ever thought about who knows what you were looking for in Blind Man’s Buff? Should I use my real name when playing and why is someone asking where I’m from in chat?

  • Robots and programming
  • Dealing with digital devices
  • Online games with others/ chat function, what to watch out for?
  • What should I share (on social media, chats, etc.)?
  • What data do I leave on the web, is it important?
  • Who has access to my data?


Every Monday the AG takes place at the usual time.


The course is jointly led by Christina Meuter and Roland Steinegger.

Christina has a degree in physics, enjoys programming robots and modeling and understanding complex processes. Roland holds a degree in computer science, has already (co-)developed several large software systems and enjoys dealing with security and privacy issues.

Lego city toy on table
person holding white ipad on white table
silver iPhone X on brown surface