Welcome as new board, Lukas and Daniela!

At our March 27, 2023 general meeting, Lukas and Daniela were elected to the board. We are very pleased to have you both rounding out our board. Together with Peter they form the new board. The election became necessary after Nadine and Roland resigned from office to work on an upcoming project for edudea. Daniela and Lukas already supported our Linux Discoverer Day and got actively involved in the association’s work.

Who are these two?

Luke Young

Lukas was born in Karlsruhe in 1995 and spent some time in the north after a few semesters of study, but returned to his hometown in 2014. He has spent a lot of time in the maker scene and at FabLab Karlsruhe e.V. and also enjoys being creative in his spare time. He is particularly fascinated by disassembling, understanding and modifying all sorts of things.

Professionally, Lukas works at Synyx, his home company, where he can fully live out his passion for open source technologies. Tech-loving, he enjoys running services like Nextcloud, Paperless and Home Assistant in his spare time to help his friends and family live a more digitally confident life.

Lukas is also involved in events of the Chaos Computer Club, an association that is active in the areas of hacking, net activism/net politics, and digital education. In his scarce free time, he enjoys nature around Karlsruhe and the Black Forest while hiking and spending the night outdoors.

We are excited to have Lukas on our team and are thrilled with his dedication and passion for technology.

Daniela Grammlich

A special woman with many interests and passions now supports our board. Born and raised in the beautiful Palatinate region, Daniela left home in 2008 to study computer science in Karlsruhe. She now works as a system developer at the company synyx and has specialized professionally in topics such as open source, open knowledge and digital sovereignty. In her private life, too, everything revolves around these topics. In her spare time, she is passionate about home automation and its tech ecosystem.

We are very happy that she will now bring her experience and motivation to edudea. Besides dealing with bits and bytes, she has many other interests. So, in her spare time, she is passionate about playing video games, photography and drawing. She is often out in nature with her dog Pepper and is involved with Karlsruhe’s wildlife drop-in center.

We are excited

Lukas’ commitment and his affinity for technology as well as Daniela with her versatile facets and passion are a super support. Together, we will continue to move our association forward and work towards our common goals.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation and welcome Lukas and Daniela to the board of edudea!