As every year since 2005, International Parking Day was held on the third Friday in September. Our offers for more competence in the internet and generally our work in the association should be for the most part an open offer for everyone. Why not go out onto the street, in this case even to the parking lot in a relaxed way, and talk to lots of people about, for example, security on the Internet?
With the help of “little games” we want to demystify the Internet. Together with passing friends and passers-by we talked about encryption on the Internet. With the help of two locks and a box we “sent” a secret message encrypted. The simplified visualization of the encryption naturally helps to establish a mental model.

We had also brought a small competition to the parking lot. Who manages to find the most secure websites, or how can I recognize a secure website. Unfortunately, the list of insecure websites was longer than most had hoped.

We sat together for a long time in the evening in our comfortably furnished parking lot in the Südweststadt in Karlsruhe and all agreed that we are already looking forward to next year.