What edudea does


We want to live in a world where educational justice prevails. Everyone should be trained in the use of digital devices and applications. Information is found quickly and its truthfulness can be assessed. New technologies are understood and can be classified. Privacy is the supreme good and is protected by all.

A digital world of knowledge is freely accessible to all within a few clicks. Education is more than just imparting knowledge. We learn to deal with the knowledge and information properly. For this we need appropriate tools that edudea can provide.


The road to our almost utopian vision is still long in many places. Access to information is possible for many through the Internet, but many barriers remain.

We are often bombarded with new information every minute, which makes it all the more important to learn how to deal with it properly.

We want to show where to find good information, how to question it critically, how to check sources, how to use search engines and how to share knowledge. We find the creation of mental models particularly important.


We don’t beat around the bush, we get down to business. That’s why we also use the polite “you” because we can only create our goal of a digitally media-competent world as a community.

We focus on sustainability in the digital world and understand this term literally. Our work is sustainable, long-lasting and we prefer to use media that conserve resources.

We make our materials freely available to all, as we believe that knowledge and education should be for everyone.



Our actions should reach everyone and serve our goals. Here is a selection of even the smallest examples of how we design edudea. Is there something for you?


black and white brick wall

Accessible web design

We make every effort to ensure that our offer is available without barriers. This includes, for example, choosing a font that has no frills and can be read by everyone.

When designing colors, we make sure that the contrast among different color perceptions is large enough.

We try to design the website in such a way that it can also be used by people with visual problems, for example. can be consumed via screen reader.

windmills on grass field at daytime

Sustainable infrastructure

Of course, we need a certain IT infrastructure for our internal processes.

As a provider of our servers, we have specifically chosen a company that relies on renewable energy for the operation of their data centers.

We also rely on cloud technologies: Hardware resources are shared in this way and we scale our applications as needed and also switch them off completely at certain times.



We think carefully about how we position ourselves internally with regard to software.

Most of our internal software is based on open source software that we run on our sustainable infrastructure.

Examples of open source software used are:

  • Mattermost as a communication platform
  • Cryptpad for collaborative work on documents
  • JS Wiki as our knowledge platform

Only in selected cases do we use ad-financed software, such as e.g. the public Google Calendar.

low angle photography of trees at daytime

Conserve forests

We need paper in the association almost exclusively for communication with authorities or for funding applications. Internally, we work digitally.

Instead of distributing masses of flyers and information material, we rely either directly on digital distribution channels, or in individual cases on small, concise flyers with a reference to our online offering. Marketing can also be sustainable.