Current projects

Explorer Day

We want to bring the digital world to life and make unknown areas known. That’s why we created the Discoverer Day. Our Discovery Days usually take place once or twice a year and are dedicated to a specific theme. The best way to understand new things is to experience or discover them. That’s why we’re presenting our first Linux Discoverers Day on March 11, 2023.

Experience the newness by testing it yourself and have an expert answer your questions.

Digital club in elementary school

In the current school year 2022/23, Christina and Roland are offering “Die Blinde Kuh im Internet AG” in the elementary school at the water tower.

“The digital” is explored together with the children. The chances and problems in using social networks, online games, chats etc. should be recognized and understood. The children are introduced to the topic in a playful way.

With their own small projects, the children should experience for themselves how the technology works. Do you want to tell stories, make your own videos, program a game or animations, become a DJ or let your creativity run free with puzzles? Lots of things are possible!

IT Café

The IT café takes place once a month in Südweststadt. This is supported and made possible by the neighborhood project. The project is aimed in particular at older people so that they can live as independently as possible in their neighborhood. The neighborhood project was initiated by the Baden State Association for Inner Mission. Digital problems that arise are discussed and solved in the IT café. Peter uses mental models to give the participants an understanding of the “digital world”. The upcoming dates can be found in our events calendar.