The people behind edudea

Board of Directors

Peter Bolch

Board of Directors

Diploma computer scientist

“If you digitize a bad process, you have a bad process!, this is a cite by Thorsten Dirks. That is where we have to change and that is where I want to use mental models to produce change.”

Since 2017 he helps to push digitalization in hinterland logistics and got in touch with the cited problem several times. With his company Cubic Circles, he is now able to tackle things himself and supports the association with his extensive knowledge of consulting and process planning.

Daniela Grammlich

Board of Directors

Passionate computer scientists

“The free exchange and access to ideas and knowledge makes the world a better place in my eyes.”

Daniela works as a system developer at the company synyx. Computers have been her passion since childhood. She is professionally and privately committed to open source and open knowledge, a free and transparent handling of data and information that everyone can use and participate in.

Luke Young

Board of Directors

Makender technology lover

Lukas was born in Karlsruhe in 1995 and spent some time in the north after a few semesters of study, but returned to his hometown in 2014. He has spent a lot of time in the maker scene and at FabLab Karlsruhe e.V. and also enjoys being creative in his spare time. He is particularly fascinated by disassembling, understanding and modifying all sorts of things.

Professionally, Lukas works at Synyx, his home company, where he can fully live out his passion for open source technologies. Tech-loving, he enjoys running services like Nextcloud, Paperless and Home Assistant in his spare time to help his friends and family live a more digitally confident life.

Lukas is also involved in events of the Chaos Computer Club, an association that is active in the areas of hacking, net activism/net politics, and digital education. In his scarce free time, he enjoys nature around Karlsruhe and the Black Forest while hiking and spending the night outdoors.

a tabel with a lot of mobilephones and tablets


Nadine Bolch

Managing Director

Businesswoman for audiovisual media

“I want my children to grow up in a world where self-determined use of digital media is a basic part of our internal knowledge base.”

Many different stations have led Nadine here. It is important for her to teach about the importance and usage of digital media. That is true espacially in a world with young, growing people.
As coordinator in the association a tip: tap (a tip: tap water), she is particularly interested in the educational area, as well as the aspect of environmental work in general.
Nadine is Geschäftsführerin at mondmotte GbR. That is a small illustration office in which she mainly creates graphics and products for the education area.

Roland Steinegger

Managing Director

Diploma computer scientist

“What drives me most is raising awareness of edudea’s need to protect its own data. The accumulation of information about all of us at private sector companies causes me some concern. Something needs to change here on a number of levels.”

Roland gathered during his information science studies in Karlsruhe, working for Firma synyx GmbH and as freelance web worker job experience. After that he worked as scientist at KIT. He did his research on secure web applications in a cooperation with one of the leading identity and access management consulting firms, iC Consult GmbH. After his research work, he worked as a software architect and lead engineer at synyx GmbH. With leguli he founded a software for secure document exchange and management of corporate data.


who “dare” to go on the website

Christina Meuter

Graduate physicist

“The first step is always understanding. Only then can improvements be made. Otherwise it’s just a poking around in the fog.”

After studying physics at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Christina did research at the particle accelerator of the KIT for several years. The modeling and simulation of physical relationships is one of her focal points. Since then she has been involved with robot programming and data-based optimization of processes.

Eike Westenfelder

Diploma social pedagogue

“Monitors are gateways into rooms of wonder”.

Never before has technology been so exciting and full of opportunities, but never before has it been so important to learn how to use it competently – and learning works best through fun, interest and motivation!

Eike holds a degree in social pedagogy and media pedagogy (M.A.) and has been working with children and families in the field of youth welfare since 2005. For many years, he ran a socio-therapeutic day group and is now responsible for the media education department at AWO Karlsruhe. His heart is especially attached to action-oriented media pedagogy. Here, creativity and motivation are the core elements of project-based work and the basis for the use of digital media in educational practice.

Heinz Steinegger

Graduate mechanical engineer

“I always find new ideas and approaches exciting and worth supporting. We have to do more for digital self-determination, which is why I support edudea.”

Heinz Steinegger founded the Engineering Steinegger GmbH (ESG) in Rheinfelden (CH) in 2014. The company focuses on new construction, modernization and maintenance projects for rail vehicles. Before that he worked in various positions at CIDEON Schweiz AG, Siemens Verkehrstechnik in Erlangen and the companies Schindler Waggon, Adtranz and Bombardier.